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The Dreamers of Justice

By Kyle Lee

In late 2012, during his first term in office, President Barack Obama used his power to issue an executive order called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an immigration policy that...

Gun Control Isn’t the Solution

By Ethan Nikfar

The issue of gun control has been a topic of extreme controversy with the recent deaths of people in places such as Las Vegas and Texas. From assassinations to mass shootings, every time gun violence...

A Public Option

By Zachary Garai

Government exists with the consent of the governed, with citizens relinquishing some rights in exchange for security — be it military security, economic security, or domestic security. The Constitution e...

Animal Testing Should Be Banned

By Avalon Cole

Millions of animals in the U.S. are used for testing per year. Despite the many movements and bills attempted abolish the act, experiments continue to abuse and even kill animals. Conducting dangerous...

On the Back of Immigrants

By Tristan Haddadi

The United States of America is a nation built by immigrants. The founders of colonial America were immigrants to America, and the founders of the United States were the descendants of these...

Climate Change

By Khuslen Otgonbayar

Climate Change, the observed rise in global temperature, will indefinitely become the central issue of the 21st century. There must be a worldwide effort to stop Climate Change, or else grave...

Fund Malaria Campaigns in Africa

By Ron Nodel

Malaria has been one of the most devastating diseases in recent decades, and must be addressed in the location which it impacts most—Africa. Malaria is caused by female Anopheles Mosquitos spreading t...

Regulate Pharmaceutical Drug Prices

By Cooper Rosenberg

As a result of the lack of government regulation in medical care and pharmaceutical drug prices, America has seen many corporations in recent years raising the prices on their pharmaceutical...

Restrictions on Social Media

By Leslie Laris

The first notable social media website was introduced in 1997. Since than, thousands more have been created giving people the opportunity to meet others from all around the world. The advancement...

The Pernicious Problem With Plastic

By Sammy Stahl

Ever-present and sinister, plastic lurks in every second of the life of every man, woman, and child on Earth. In fact, every single speck of plastic that has been created is nowhere near beginning...

Stop Texting While Driving

By Collin Roth

Imagine a sunny and beautiful fall afternoon. Your plans for the night are to go to your friend’s Halloween party. You spend the whole day planning your costume and you make plans with a few of y...

Civil Conversation Project

Race in America

In Conversation with Asa Hinton

Racism is an idea that this nation has lived under for hundreds of years. It has destroyed lives, dreams,...

Four Walls

by David Paris

Walls surround him from all four sides
Stuck inside, there’s a window, but it’s covered with blinds
A dim light occasionally peeks through as he dreams of a brighter future
But his imagination hol...

Paradise in Your Hands

By Abdiel Lopez

The wavering ocean lay before me moving methodically and rhythmically to a lullaby I already knew. Tonight I spend my tiresome body on the same grains of sand that I spent the week before, and...

What am I to be?

By Jasmin Toubi

What am I to be?
I know I am to be,
But to be what?
To be special and different and all to myself?
Am I to be something to change the way everyone sees and thinks...

My Mother’s Roses

By Melina Charis

Outside the walls of the church, the sky was a brilliant, cerulean blue. Clouds drifted across aimlessly, blending into each other and then disappearing. There were roses in cracked pots by the door, and I pictured children...


By Annie Shapiro

The heavy metal door clangs shut with a definitive bang, and a blistering darkness fills the room with a single flip of a plastic switch. Two men sit in wooden chairs, crumbs gathering under the considerable weight of their...

The Broken Words

By Shelby Grody

I can do so many things. I’ll sit my heart by a lake, and I can scratch out the shred of light in murky water’s dark gaze. Stand by a typewriter and I make it breath words that even a God would have to gaze twice at. I can eve...

You Had One Eye in the Mirror

By Alyssa Kincaid


Actually, it was a night. Driving in the back seat, propped up against grey leather, approaching the tall white apartment building with the windows on the side. The balconies facing outward. The air was cool...

A Dozen Cries Foul

By Ben Moss

Everyone was outraged, everyone. Nicholas, Nixon, Culpright, Culpright’s alter ego (Dewey), the boys shooting craps, the boys playing baccarat, Tannenberg, all of the women (even Tina and, as everyone knew, Tina was a major witch). T...


By Olivia Schwartzman

Lawrence is my neighbor. I am nine, and he is ten, and it is summer. We sit on the road, lined with flat prairie grass for as far as we can both imagine, wearing heat like weights...