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Wilting Submission

Published on April 21st, 2017 at 03:54 am

By Gabe Feizbakhsh

You are confused with the loss of power.
You bask in the glory, while securing your throne.
You speak with mal-intent and a hateful tone.
You pry off imbalances and force your equals to cower.
Are you scared of the growing flower,
Or to proud to accept that it as grown,
While treating the flower as if it’s an inanimate drone.
Yet, this idea seems to have gone sour.
Don’t let a flower wilt in a windowless room.
Let the vast garden enhance our competition,
To which each plant has their chance to bloom.
A sea of seeds is unresolved from submission.
Because, I love the growth regardless of a systematic gloom.
And I love you and your diverse inclusion.