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Unity From Disunity

Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:08 am

By Alyssa Kincaid

we are all stardust
we are all pieces of eternity tied up in theoretically neat packages
poetically enough, it turns out
that we are all dark, starry dot parcels in the passage of time, on fire from within
in truth, nothing in the universe is as orderly as it looks under the impressionable eyes of first star-lit glance
underneath the soft, scintillating waves, easily outpouring rays of milky moonlight
our eyesight becomes clearer, and the truth is far more easily illuminated
even if only in quick, fleeting glances, or acts of glazed over guess work and trembling triumphs over our tribulations
we know, eventually, that this beautiful disunity of days and years and nights
oh, mostly the nights
when we wander about in madly patterned foot steps,
we know that were are all part of this entropic, quixotic quandary, this continuum
of space and time