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To Be

Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:08 am

by Ben Greenberg

I was to be the mast of ships held in stormy sea,

To weather winds and wild waves,

unyielding everlasting, unchanging, never breaking.

I was to be the beacon, to hold fast through storm and sleet.

I was to be the timbers straight and true,

so bind yourselves to me and fear not the siren song, for I was to be your mast.

I was to be the glacial hills, held a world apart from time itself,

blind to passage of the years,

to quench the flames and freeze fast the rivers course,

carving channels through the mountainside.

I was to hold my march, steady, slow, ever forward, unceasing, holding course.

I was to be the homeland’s cold, so fear not the flames of change, for I was to be your glacier.

I was to be the sphinx, strong Stone amongst the shifting sands,

to be warden to the world, to hold eternal vigil.

I was to be the constant strength, unwavering before the razor winds.

I was to hold back the desert as the walls of Babal,

to fear not the sands of time.

I was to be the guardian,

so fear not your gold of ages past,

for I was to be your sphinx.