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The Barrier Gap

Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:08 am

by Mariamme Ibrahim

I still am, I still will be.
But I was meant to surpass the capacity of your outlooks,
your constant negativity of what I choose to be.
That only stimulates the urge within to do the contrary.
So, well done, my path will give thanks to you for you have taught it to not go astray,
But rather persevere
But only to persevere to offend you because:
you told me I couldn’t and that’s why I did.
I still am, I still will be.

These outlooks only exist for the flourishing of our surroundings,
Trained for greatness
But fall short in your eyes, often recognized and consumed as failures
Only dwelling within as the source of reassurance
The reassurance that this failure will bring many more
But not to drag us down as incompetency but to help rise as prosperity
The so called ‘gap’ that exists between what is and what you believe is, however,
Is not an empty space, but rather a wall built
Waiting to be deteriorated to convey the strength with which it happened

The prospect I aspired of you was that you would come searching
To destroy the wall
But the actuality is that you are too blind to comprehend the intensity of the bricks
Or you simply choose to not weigh
But this time, you’ve made it evident
That the importance doesn’t rely in the decision of the partaker,
But rather in the boasting of those on the opposite end of the barrier.
But by establishing this impediment,
you told me I couldn’t and that’s why I did.

I still am, I still will be.