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I Am This City

Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:06 am

by Justin Liberty

Tears Down the Street.

Los angeles is a city of roads
you’ll spend more time on the streets than in your home
demoralized by a life behind glass
The only push and pull is the abruptness of a car crash
New york is the city that never sleeps
this city never wakes up
Clever masks are made of cheap beer and makeup
waitresses are better stars
Everybody wants to be one
With the smog that shades the sky you can't see em
If you’re black, and get pulled over
you get shot
What’s the difference between a drive by and a cop?
Why do we hate this city?
maybe because we adopt its personality
we cut others off
we adopt its pointless hostility
We learn to cry
Because the city runs dry
We learn to ask how or why
The concrete tears that this city weeps
are the cracked roads below your feet
the only constant
is nature’s steady retreat
Animals Remain unseen
What makes us Different?
Us Humans are Finite in our dreams
The solid disconnect drives us
We look away
no stars left in the sky to allign us
Nature’s Umbilical Cord cut While in the womb
The suicide doors have shut
this city is now a tomb.