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Sweet Home

Published on December 28th, 2016 at 12:05 am

By Kyre Williams

Once filled with promise and wonderland,
Now nothing more than a shadow of its previous existence.
Newly landed kinsmen arrived on this beautifully untouched planet, marking it their home.
Preying on the original inhabitants, and building settlements to keep them out,
Unaware of the tree they were beginning to grow.

On and on they went, disrupting the harmony which was once in this world.
Destroying the home in which they sought to keep,
or was it to control the space that wasn’t theirs to begin with?
The fruit of this tree began to grow erratically, as the conflict between kinsmen arose.
Soon, the home in which these inhabitants wished to live was being destroyed,
Just as they tried to play the game of Gods for this planet.

With the fruit now formed and open to all,
It begins to share its joy with the world around.
Desecrated lands and piles of rubble
A once life-filled home, now a dismantled home.
Some may call this victory, and others simply the end of war.
Though viewers peering in on this home would see it as cannibals who starve on their home.