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Sister and Brother: A Spenserian Sonnet

Published on April 21st, 2017 at 03:44 am

by Suzie Rosenberg

He presses snooze and rolls over with a groan
She wakes up from her dream back into her nightmare
He ignores his children and stares at his phone
She shelters her son until they are elsewhere

Pinstripe suit and cufflinks he wears
She’s wearing a dress she was lucky she found
He types out his notes and slumps in his desk chair
She screams out for help but no one’s around

He drives home cranky and feeling run down
She carries her boy as she dodges a bomb
His mind wanders off and his worries are drowned
She closes her eyes and enjoys the moment of calm

While not everyone can relate to each other
We must remind ourselves that we are all sister and brother