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Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:08 am

By Andrew Brownstein

we’re getting old,
even kent got married,
he’s got a 5 year old,
and the kid is talkative and smart,
i can tell
and across the table from
him and his wife
over a dinner of halibut
and garlic mashed potatoes
that they prepared together
while I leaned against
a wall drinking a local beer
I do my best
to remain
interested as
they tell me their latest stories
but my head keeps drifting
back to the sequence of
actions that brought me to
this place,
this diner,
and how they transported my
fate from its origin
to the instant in which it now exists
with you.
and she takes the
and I say thank you, it’s the best
I’ve had in a while
after they go to bed I stretch out on their floor
the dog staring at me
from its belly
across the room,
their city silent
I wonder
just where in the hell it’s
going to go from here.