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Profession to Mankind

Published on April 21st, 2017 at 03:16 am

By Noah Robinson

I don’t think the world has ever been so cloudy,
Everywhere you go there is a discriminative mood,
People scream hate, and the universe gets rowdy,
It becomes hard to express love when others are so rude,
The world begins to show its scars and it becomes hard to walk away,
So beautiful, so damaged and we are the ones to blame,
All the struggle and possible love entices you to stay,
As bombs, plastic, and hate speech rip through her lustrous frame,
Like a spaceship held together by bolts from different nations,
May your cup runneth over full of hope and not rage,
To explore and restore is our goal, a universal station,
Mother nature does not deserve to be locked up in a cage,
Shout out! Confess your love to mother nature as one does their neighbor,
In the candy shop of life and world is my favorite flavor.