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Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:07 am

by Spencer Stevens

Words can not describe,
the mother F****ing vibe.
But just like spock I travel through time,
Got the Corona time to cut up the lime.
Please girl put down that liquor,
before we begin to bicker.
About all these god damn lies,
or about how she look like a house fly.
And i can't even begin to believe why,
So fresh, so American just like apple pie,
It’s so cold on my wrist i may get frostbite.
Concealed just like one tucked behind the ear,
but when the loud is smelt i’m aware I am near.
Well i never hesitate to swerve,
and ya my homie Alurv looks like a smurf.
As the smoke begins to settle,
I am awarded the medal.
And I aint talkin heavy metal,
the kind you get from getting hot like a tea kettle.
I walk lightly so i don’t piss the ground off,
get on that weight watchers, gotta take a pound off.
and ill scoop you up just like a ground ball.
and yeah ho’ im in it for the long haul.