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Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:07 am

by Rylee Chambers

I am misunderstood .
I do the opposite of what people think I should.
As much as I try to please the world, someone is always disappointed.
How can I be myself when there are many people telling me how to be me…
I am misunderstood.

I try to make you love me anyway i could.
I send smiles and laughter anywhere I go.
It’s the choice of the world to take it or leave it.
Most will take it and send smiles and laughter my way.
Others will leave it and leave me standing there to say

I am misunderstood.
No matter what I do no one will get it.
No one will get me. It seems that i have everyone against me.
Who is on my side, who is my equivalent
I see no one like me except the girl in the mirror.

I am still misunderstood
maybe one day they will see that there is so much more to me…