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Me, you, and someone

Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:07 am

by Gersan Osorio

Peep the way I do it homie
They don’t do it like me
You ain’t really ballin’, you just watching like you spike lee
You probably got some tinder girls trynna swype right me
I be getting feisty, so you know i’m growing up a pisces
I’m a chef in this bitch, stirrin’ up a batch
Always loved the arts, now i’m working on the craft
Building on my future, just by learning from the past
These son of a bitches ain’t ready for cherry,
I’m heavy with plenty in a bag
You ain’t got no fire, you should go retire
And snuggle with your bitch and watch pretty little liars
No compasses allowed, our bodies so loud that remote locations can’t turn us down
I just wanna run away, follow the northern star
But your skin is smooth as that Georgia red clay
And you pray doing foreplay and i’m lost for words
What is there to say? In my arms is where you stay
You’re a guilty pleasure, so unpaid, you’re the muse for raspberry beret
I wanna get lost in this abyss, just to find reason in your kiss
I left my mark on your lips so taboo of a tattoo
And we on flight 815, headed for a crash landing
Our destiny is so demanding, it’s us against the others
But if we conquer our island and who above us
Silly Zeus, cut us in two and figured we’d never reunite