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Inside Out

Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:07 am

By Kara Lau

Gunshots through her collar bones
hole punch, red straight, from the tap
silent scarlet, resigned crimson
Blood singing bullets
from the inside out
No cover, under fire

And once leeched of incessant
forthcoming self and cacophonous
screaming a name meekly claimed
a skeletal rack of ancestry
haunts the closet of restless memory

Pulled sinew from sinew
Discarded heart, ungoverned by mind
The scaffolding of lives past
stood her upright with generations
of omniscient russet eyes

What made  a person?
all the gory bits of immutable biology
or evanescent forests of thought?
The destruction of will like shattered glass 
and ground dust on pavement
to tread?

No heredity. No distant past.
She only begged to be
In that hard world of reticent
The soft skin beneath her breast.