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In an Instant I am

Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:07 am

By Lucas Helmintoller

In an instant I am.
I am alive I am afraid I am the fluid fire of fear forcibly flowing
forever in the mind In an instant I am invisible,
I am the sightless sumptuous sun, which you seek as your savior,
I am the believer, fluttering in the infuriating darkness of false faith
Blind yet omnipresent, without eyes to see lies
Like death I am decaying yet immortal in memory
I am the withering weakling wishfully wanting one word of wisdom In an instant,
I am strong.  I am the muscle tissue trapped in turmoil
A beautifully balanced beaker of bipolar
I am the cash craving capitalist and cash burning communist
The paranoid pacifist and the soldier who has passed the abyss
I am the ignorant individual and the following flock
I am the stubborn student and timid teacher
Asking who what where when,
while showing why I am your envious enemy and fairest friend
I am young yes, but my soul is oddly old I was created to exist and I exist to create
I am the awe-inspiring agitated artist
The ferocious feline and carnivorous canine I am man and animal,
Pathetic and preposterous
Divine and demonic
Shrewd and simpleminded And in an instant,
I am not. I am dust.