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Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:06 am

by Malaya Nordyke


She gave me support
Like the roots of a tree would do.
The smell of her scrambled eggs
Symbolized my youth.

Time’s touch left traces on her aging face
Yet her beauty still shined through,
Like wrinkles in delicate lace.
She nurtured me as I grew.

She had so many stories,
Stories from across the sea.
She had so much to say
But still made time for me.

She found love like in those fairy tales,
Their castle, a one room apartment.
They traveled the world through books and pens,
All of their belongings in one compartment.

Though money was short and the ceilings leaked
Their pure love was theirs to keep.
But when he left she wore all black
Knowing there was no going back

The hand of death is permanent,
No use talking to the moon.
She moved from her castle to stay with us
And we stored her in the back room.

She would come out and say hello,
Try to help me with my homework.
I denied her help and sent her away,
Looking back, I didn’t deserve her.

She would cry in secret every night
Because life had pierced her heart’s armor
For nothing could mend the loss
Of losing her lifetime partner.

When she got sick, I hated leaving
Her to go to school.
I didn't appreciate what I had,
Why was I such a fool?

She would call out to him in her final days
Thinking that he was there.
I laid with her in the hospital room
Gently combing through her hair.
Her absence left me empty, even to this day.
The back room lights grew dim
And no one knew what to say.
How could I be so thoughtless, the way I treat my kin?
But I know she’s in a better place, a better place with him.