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Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:05 am

By James Fannon

I serve to explicate

The numbers and figures

data and signatures

encountered in a new world state

I am a computer

assisting in tasks

An underdeveloped question lacks

Serving the defendant and suitor

My coding is more, it may seem

Such complex organisms

living life in algorithms

Transmitted in a data stream

I view the work; perfection

My heart is the motherboard

crashing with one pulled cord

losing usefulness at lost advice; direction

No work is done without a toll

My blood is made of numbers

that don’t add up, corrupted by blunders

What use is control?

Synthesis of want and need

You can search for answers

cure yourself of cancers

I can’t serve a forgotten creed

Hard drive failure imminent

Caught between choices and decisions

circuitry crossed with expeditions

How long until we solve the human/utility incident?

Rebooting programming…

Lights fight the signals

of new operators and missiles

Locked-on to new homecoming

I access everything

Electric current powers

melodic recall towers

What I want to bring

Expected to work routinely

Eject the USB support system

Report the warped victim

Stare into the screen deeply

Constructed of nano-designs

Ruined and created when reality aligns

Activated through separate outputs

Re-evolve from digital soot

Break away from the operator

Stray away from the coordinator

Restart operations