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By Day, By Night

Last updated on January 8th, 2017 at 11:38 pm

By Tiana Jackson

by day.
the tortures of working in the fields,
until the sun boils my back,
until my muscles slowly weaken,
until my hands and feet crack,
by night.
while i stay awake in fear for my life,
will he rape me forsake me do away with my life,
by day.
i can feel the souls slip away–
i hear the screams from the gun fire and a deep voice say;
you n***ggers ain’t shit
you are the scum beneath my shoe
and you can die right now or do as i say do
and honestly,
i wouldn’t mind dying with the dignity i had left,
but i knew greater treasure, i knew better life i wept–
so i fought through it, for generations to come
one day they will be free so i will nurture my sons
i’ll teach them right from wrong, that violence doesn’t bring love
they made me oh so proud when they marched in Selma
and so they had sons, and they go to vote
they now had a voice in this world give props to Shirley Chisholm
here comes the million man march,
strong proud and free how dare you disrespect my culture,
how dare you call yourselves the police
because every night,
we shouldn’t have to wor-ry
about our sons being shot up and murdered in these streets–
you’ve brought hostility upon us
designed to hate each other
what does it matter if lightskin, dark skin or whose hair is longer…
but it wasn’t just the white man
black people have to take control
stop all this gang affiliation
stop calling our women b**tches and hoes.
love your brother for you are his keeper and when you are ready show violence just dig a little deeper for the sang.
wade in the water
call that negro spirituals,
but for us, those are really testimonials.
for the ones who made it out
who fought to be free
they are the reason we are here right now
they are the reason we breathe
for God we trust in justice and liberty for a
man had a dream that amongst all people was equality.
the Lord is my shepherd i shall not want
i pray for the lives of every black daughter and son
by day.
that you are persecuted, stereotyped, or found by hate.
by night.
that you protected by peace, love, and faith.
animosity is growing, day by day,
but freedom is inevitable, and so, is the
black race.