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Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:06 am

by Katie Scholl

And so it begins

With steady hand, sure stroke

With gaze upward, smile untainted,

Untouched, and unwavering

With starlight, sunlight, summer breeze

Wisps, enchantments of the age

A spring in my step, a light in my eyes

Searching for glimpses of a world unseen

Treasure maps and time machines

Hidden doors and paths unmarked

Eager step and eye alike

Flushed cheeks and a beating heart

The words are clear, the line resolved

Their pages whisper, tease and charm

A hero’s journey, mystery, delight

Glory, wonder, free from harm

But the wind has turned traitor,

The night is now come

And bites the words within its grasp

It tears, hisses, rips, howls

Fire of life turned to ash.

And so it begins

Quivering hesitant, born anew

Tracing its uncertain arc in the muted light

Circling vaguely and wandering away

Radiance and life a mirage, order a dream

Half-remembered flickers dancing, disguised

A journey unrivaled, paths unmarked

Fall away as sleep retreats