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Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:05 am

By Diane Dallal

So we don’t forget our past, here’s a message
to our future selves:

Let’s flash back to ninth grade when, to you, things were as trivial as
finding the right pair of expensive boots to go with your overpriced jeans
and who was going out with who, and where to find the easiest girls,
and the shallowest minds, and the latest catchphrases –
el-oh-el, oh-em-gee, and be-tee-….dubs?
And then there was me,
and these words – these real words that explained who I wanted to be.
That’s a real human being, someone with feelings
riddled with meaning and deeper than jealousy instead of,
“Girl, we bought the same top, and that is not
your color”.
Here’s what I want to convey-
what I’m trying to say-
it’s that seasons change and
records change and matching tops change;
how about weather change?
I believe that at some point,
at some time, and in some way, people change, too.
People, like that girl who sang out the words with me
‘best friends forever’
in the third grade.
Now she’s doing time in juvie and I’m doing time-
keeping, counting down the seconds until
she’s out and I can breathe again,
even though we’ll probably never speak again.
Baby, names change and faces change, and
even the stars in your reliable sky will change;
they’re glow sticks one day and explosive
supernovas the next, but I’ll always be there,
waiting for you to get over your trivialities and
just take my hand.