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Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:05 am

by Piper Hays

As I sit watching the faces I can’t recognize after years of staring, I realize how impersonal our
closeness is.

All their eyes searching for praise; all their lips moving at the same rhythm; all their bodies
slouching from the weight pressing against their shoulders.

As I sit watching the shells of these perplexed beings, I realize the startlingly similar differences
we all share.

None of us completely sure of anything, as much as we pretend; none of us knowing what
tomorrow brings, as much as we want to; none of us trying to be close, as much as we trick each

As I sit watching the shaky hands and fast beating of hearts that surround me, I realize the fear
that consumes us.

We all try to find our own personal release; we all crave united individuality; we all cling to false
promises of happiness.

As I sit watching life’s untold stories unravel before me, I realize they are all staring back with
wandering eyes.

Eyes that understand yet keep searching; eyes that accept yet forfeit their awareness; eyes that
look strangely familiar…

As I sit watching what I thought I knew to be right, I realize I see my own eyes staring back at

As I sit blinded by the mirrors that engulf me, I realize my disconnection; I realize the never
ending stare off I’ll have with myself.