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A Man Is Baptizing Himself

Last updated on March 6th, 2016 at 01:05 am

By Wyn Delano

A man is baptizing himself with bath water.
Comforting his empty yellowed eyes,
and what lay behind them.
washing his oily and blood-stained hands
White as snow.
covering his sweaty and furrowed brow with
all the perfumes of Arabia

and every moment he emerges
he sees her.
he sees her mother
he sees her father
wishing they could have been in front of her
in front of the snow white hands
and the yellowed eyes.
when she felt a
knife in her chest.

He hears three words in his mind
and she is saying them
like an alarm siren blaring in his ears
“I forgive you.”

He plunges back into silence
For all is forgotten in murky bath water.