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Existential Love

By Justis Crocker

Diluted energy, spectrum incarnate
The light and heat omnipresent
Subtly there, an iota of what once did initiate
Seems so clear, yet observed...

Light After Darkness

By Cristina King

For eons the Earth has spun without tire,
Despite hardship and tyrannical reign,
Never once did Mother Nature complain,
But eighteen years...

Love Thyself - A Petrarchan Sonnet

By Genna Torgan

Within my heart, there lay a set of ears, listening with such haste
Waiting for my beating drum to settle into its own rhythm
A hard task in view...

Wilting Submission

By Gabe Feizbakhsh

You are confused with the loss of power.
You bask in the glory, while securing your throne.
You speak with mal-intent and a hateful tone.

The War on Terror

By Hunter Loncar

When the towers fell America held its breath
Congress declared war in the name of revenge
The media praised the soldiers sent to avenge

Shakespearian Sonnet

By Steven Karpov

From life to death we always see,
War that brings abnormality,
A spell of love from a distant sea,
To conquer all the catastrophe:


By Samantha Glazer

I wish that I could fly across this world
And watch the people turn and gasp aloud,
As they look up at lovely wings unfurled
I claim my...

Existential Love

By Justice Crocker

Diluted energy, spectrum incarnate
The light and heat omnipresent
Subtly there, an iota of what once did initiate
Seems so clear, yet observed...

Sister and Brother: A Spenserian Sonnet

by Suzie Rosenberg

He presses snooze and rolls over with a groan
She wakes up from her dream back into her nightmare
He ignores his children and stares at his phone

Love Sonnet: Poem to the World

by Katie Margiotta

The chaos and monotony of society,
the ruthless competition and high expectation.
Bland fabrications obstruct the world’s variety
and underrate n...

Profession to Mankind

By Noah Robinson

I don’t think the world has ever been so cloudy,
Everywhere you go there is a discriminative mood,
People scream hate, and the universe gets r...

True Colors

by Noah Robinson

What makes me, me and you, you?
I'm no different can't you see,
It doesn't matter what I do.

Even when I'm black and blue
some part of me, still flies free.
What makes me, me and you, you?


The Drive We Must Make

by Kaelan Nettleship

It takes a drive:
to get that feeling,
when the air hits your lungs
and life has no cieling
It takes a drive:
to see the world in its immensity,
where you can sit on a perch

Sweet Home

By Kyre Williams

Once filled with promise and wonderland,
Now nothing more than a shadow of its previous existence.
Newly landed kinsmen arrived on this beautifully untouched planet, marking it their home.
Preying on...

My Life

By Lilly Zoller

Music plays in the background
While my heart beats like a drum
My palms begin to sweat
And suddenly everything feels numb

I know that the only way out is through
But this does not suppress...

By Day, By Night

By Tiana Jackson

by day.
the tortures of working in the fields,
until the sun boils my back,
until my muscles slowly weaken,
until my hands and feet crack,
by night.
while i stay awake in fear...

Pack of Stoges

By Alexis Ramirez

As the lights go out and the dark shines bright
The box of thoughts go out at night.
Demons and angels clash side by side.
Cigarettes light up, one after another


By Alexis Ramirez

Its 12 in the morning and it’s really cold.
I wish I was outside.
But instead I’m inside and I’ve been waiting for hours.
Then again, all hospitals are like that.

A Lost Home

By Alexis Ramirez

This is for the homeless, who
Shiver from a frozen heart;
This is for the homeless, who
Starve for warmth.

This is for the homeless,...


A collection of poems

by Talia D’Amato

Table of Contents
Of the Night

Good Night
My Teddy Bear
Hallows Eve
Me and t...

At First Glance

By Jermaine Baylark

At first glance
you may only see the color of my skin.
You may only see me as a common criminal.

You may even look at me as you would a murderer.
But before m...

De Novo

By Joymee Cruzado

De Novo
Despierta de nuevo!
Cold air invades my lungs like the first gale of winter over dry autumn leaves.
En este día that I wake, yo soy la misma
I am this ...


By Ruben Espana

Nuestras ciudades están llenas de corrupción!
Sus políticos son impotentes.
La ausencia de dinero en sus bolsillos.
Sits in piles in front of wicked men.
Sangre ti...


by Erika Abtahi

Be afraid to hide
Who you are
Who you want to be
Who you can be

Be afraid to give in
To those who don't respect you


by Malaya Nordyke

She gave me support
Like the roots of a tree would do.
The smell of her scrambled eggs
Symbolized my youth.

Time’s touch left traces o...

The Heat

by Jenai Bealpermel

This heat is stifling, but I guess that's to be expected
“Black people can’t handle cold. They need electric blankets”
But it’s not just that,
Of course not, no

The Melancholy of Growth

By Erika Saio

It’s Christmas Eve of 1992,
I play with Barbie dolls.
The new family next door has a son my age,
He’s known as Caleb Ands.
We jump and slide and play ‘til sundown,

His Cross is Gone

By William Higgins

His cross is gone, 

Snatched and rudely torn.
His cross is gone.
The weight is lifted
And set adrift.

His cross is gone, <...

Beyond The Treely Train Station

by Aidan Wirshing

Come up from the south, I did
The train couldn’t stop hooting and swaying me side to side
I figure I was just along for the ride
I had some tobacco chewed in my mouth, I...

The Barrier Gap

by Mariamme Ibrahim

I still am, I still will be.
But I was meant to surpass the capacity of your outlooks,
your constant negativity of what I choose to be.
That only stimulates the urge within to do the contrary.

To Be

by Ben Greenberg

I was to be the mast of ships held in stormy sea,

To weather winds and wild waves,

unyielding everlasting, unchanging, never breaking.

I was to be the beacon, to hold fast through storm and sleet....


by Piper Hays

As I sit watching the faces I can’t recognize after years of staring, I realize how impersonal our
closeness is.

All their eyes searching for praise; all their lips moving at the same rhythm; all their bodies <...

Why Would We?

By Carl Cempron

I chuckle like thunder at distant clouds of future
Knowing my passions give me resolve to do so.
Bracing for storms and accepting the unsure,
I dispose fear . My sky was supposed to grow.

But dreams...

Cancer To Blame

by Sabreena Brar

I’m Sorry
You manage to live with your enemy
Accepting life regardless
Not afraid of death approaching

Living life to the fullest
Yet, smiling through the pain you face
A good w...


by Rylee Chambers

I am misunderstood .
I do the opposite of what people think I should.
As much as I try to please the world, someone is always disappointed.
How can I be myself when there are...


by Spencer Stevens

Words can not describe,
the mother F****ing vibe.
But just like spock I travel through time,
Got the Corona time to cut up the lime.

I Am This City

by Justin Liberty

Tears Down the Street.


Autumn Leaf

by Elijah Muhammad

I am an autumn leaf
I wonder if I can glide
I hear the sounds of the breeze
I see everything else
I want to be green
I am a leaf

I pretend to be something I am not

Me, you, and someone

by Gersan Osorio

Peep the way I do it homie
They don’t do it like me
You ain’t really ballin’, you just watching like you spike lee
You probably got some tinder girls trynna swype right...


By Violet Saxon

I am not afraid of change
But these days it seems to clog every artery
Echo in every word
Sit insidious on the tip of every tongue
And I’m tired of waiting for it,

John Lennon

By Guadalupe Perez

Everywhere on the web you will find
That quote from John Lennon
The one where he was asked
What he wanted to be when he grew up

Expectations and Reality: A Pair of Haikus

By Liesel Staubitz

Nice easy journey
Success as vast as the sea
Happiness for me



By Omar Sebai


I am not the perfect student, nor the perfect child
I don’t always get things right, sometimes I act wild
I am not a role model of life
As I barely know how to use a knife

But that’s not...

Who Am I?

By Alexis Ramirez

I can't tell you who I was supposed to be
‘Cause a few years ago, I didn't know if I'd be alive.
I deconstructed any idea of my becoming,
when All I had was lost.

I won't confine myself to a...


By James Fannon

I serve to explicate

The numbers and figures

data and signatures

encountered in a new world state


by Katie Scholl

And so it begins

With steady hand, sure stroke

With gaze upward, smile untainted,

Untouched, and unwavering

With starlight, sunlight,...


By Loren Feder

Enclosed in its plastic body,
sinks down to imbed paper,
Illustrating the minds of one,
or speaking for those who are not equipped with it.
Opportunity. Dignity. Equality. Humanity.


By Megan Kincaid

Cracking down my porcelain spine
Crushing it into a fine, pale pink powder
Sending it into the wind
Begging life to infuse it with vivacity


By Andrew Brownstein

we're getting old, even kent got married, he's got a 5 year old, and the kid is talkative and smart, i can tell and across the table from him and his wife over a dinner of halibut and...


By Marie Kim

cold air ambushes my scent
wind glides through these eye lashes
kettle tear drops on your nose tip are
reflected in your eyes.

standing on my memory,

Inside Out

By Kara Lau

Gunshots through her collar bones
hole punch, red straight, from the tap
silent scarlet, resigned crimson
Blood singing bullets
from the inside out
No cover, under fire

Aut viam ineviam aut faciam

By Alec Mitchell

Aut viam ineviam aut faciam

I will either find a way, or make one

Waves, violently crash against the island’s rocky shell

As our lone wanderer swiftly rushes through t...


By Ben Moss

Follow the shrill, mademoiselle
The leaking creaking;
The up, up and up

Here is where I am uncomfortable;
Decidedly so.
All the goo,
All the goo, you know?

So au revoir, mademoiselle,

A Man Is Baptizing Himself

By Wyn Delano

A man is baptizing himself with bath water.
Comforting his empty yellowed eyes,
and what lay behind them.
washing his oily and blood-stained hands
White as snow.
covering his sweaty and furrowed...

Wouldn't It Be Nice

By Neda Dallal

We take our first steps and stumble and fall.
We cry for a small scrape while running down the hall.
And wouldn't it be nice if we were older?

We swoon over our first crush
And anticipate the skipping...

The Tuesday Paper

By Ben Moss

The tuesday paper isn't
Good for much
A lousy blunt instrument
A lousy crutch

I couldn't sell it as a broom
Nor as a horn
Nor as tomb

How happy I was

Unity From Disunity

By Alyssa Kincaid

we are all stardust
we are all pieces of eternity tied up in theoretically neat packages
poetically enough, it turns out
that we are all dark, starry dot parcels in the passage of time, on fire from within
in truth,...

Spider's Web

By Phoebe Driscoll

i. Saw your face as in a dream,

All wide-eyed wonder and dirty magazines.

Miles to go, your voice a sad old map:

"Come summer, let's head West."

ii. My heavy...


By: Paulina Firozi

If blood runs thicker than water

why is it that I can't swim in the deep waters of trust

there is no bond that cannot be broken

52 pieces of glass scattered across...

The Silent Storm Inside My Arms

By Zanny Jacobsen

The silent storm inside my arms,

That swirls and churns in deep blue ink,

Stains the pure fiber of sycamore trees.

The winds push and pull,

Tear and clutch at...


By Pamela Soffer i. Baby powder softened Wrinkles worn thin With her quiet Resistance A Child of silence Bride of monotony Mother of invariability ii. Rose colored glass shatters Exposing the dark Corners where She waits Each unremitting...

The Chapel

By Caitlyn Hunter I stumble in, feet close together scuffing the burlap carpet I pull down my scratchy skirt when the people in pews look their way the light in the chapel is yellow the air hangs heavily they breathe it in and out as they sing...

Monday Morning

By Rebecca Simon
Monday morning still laid innocent in sheets barely half asleep Monday morning I was dreaming of the promises you could never keep Monday morning broke and pulled me...


By Kalin Stovall

The girl in the...

First Snowfall

By Katy Pool

Snow fell from a gray sky, perfect as a newborn child. Even the smallest breath would disturb the gentle flurries, so he held himself still.

He did not belong in this world of gray and white. His hands would stain the colorless,...

On Religion

By Phoebe Driscoll

I don’t know much about Sunday School and paradise
But Jesus is a myth because my savior is
My brother’s plastic surgeon
My sister’s toothy grin
The steady drone of tires on asphalt as my mothe...


By Nikke Haddad

I remember how it felt to hold that guitar in my hands for the first time,
And how the heavy mahogany wood felt resting on my thighs-
My fingers would find their way to every string,
And I would close my...


By Diane Dallal

So we don't forget our past, here's a message
to our future selves:

Let's flash back to ninth grade when, to you, things were as trivial as
finding the right pair of expensive boots to go with your overpriced...


By Darcy Clark

Today is one of those days where I wish I were a cello.
With that deep velvet bass sound
that rolls over hills and climbs up mountains

All it would take to spill my secrets

A Chill

By Rachel Levitan

take my voice.
I walk alone on these snow white streets
as my drowning vision searches for another,
but they’ve all frosted and a
chill sets its spindly fingers on my bare neck.
I l...

In an Instant I am

By Lucas Helmintoller

In an instant I am.
I am alive I am afraid I am the fluid fire of fear forcibly flowing
forever in the mind In an instant I am invisible,
I am the sightless sumptuous sun, which you seek as your...