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Social Media’s Effects on Adolescent’s Wellbeing

December 17, 2019 by admin  
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Social Media’s Effects on Adolescent’s Wellbeing

By Charlotte Osterman

Cellphones and social media accounts have become ubiquitous among American teenagers. When Facebook was created and released for public use in 2004, social media quickly became a global phenomenon. Soon Twitter, founded in 2006, and Instagram, founded in 2010, gained massive popularity. Teenagers have taken advantage of the new social platforms and they have become some of their main forms of communication. According to the Pew Internet Research Center Report “Teens, Technology and Friendships” about “79% of all teens communicate through instant messaging” and “72% communicate and spend time with friends through social media” (Lenhart). The replacement of traditional methods of communication and relationships by the growing epidemic of social media and internet usage is reshaping the intricacies of society and the methods of human interaction. Since social media is a relatively new reality, there are conflicting opinions about what the effect of immersion in a virtual world will have on current and future generations. Some may argue that social media is a useful technological application that is expanding interactions of people across the world, introducing teens to new cultures and experiences they normally would not have access to. Supporters of social media also say that it serves as a creative outlet and space for teens to share their passions and ideas in a time filled with angst and uncertainty. However, there are serious ramifications that outweigh these sparse benefits. A decrease in social media usage should be encouraged by parents, schools and authority figures because social media has a negative impact on mental health, creates unfavorable social environments and decreases academic performance. Society needs…


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