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Alexis Ramirez

March 16, 2016 by admin  
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Featured Poet Alexis Ramirez currently attends Humboldt University and majors in cellular molecular biology with a minor in English.


Pack of Stoges

By Alexis Ramirez

As the lights go out and the dark shines bright
The box of thoughts go out at night.
Demons and angels clash side by side.
Cigarettes light up, one after another


By Alexis Ramirez

Its 12 in the morning and it’s really cold.
I wish I was outside.
But instead I’m inside and I’ve been waiting for hours.
Then again, all hospitals are like that.

A Lost Home

By Alexis Ramirez

This is for the homeless, who
Shiver from a frozen heart;
This is for the homeless, who
Starve for warmth.

This is for the homeless,...


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