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thumb Alexis Ramirez

  Featured Poet Alexis Ramirez currently attends Humboldt University and majors in cellular molecular biology with a... 

678A0569 Talia D’Amato

  [Asterismos.] A collection of poems by Talia D’Amato View >>  Read More →

Travels Dan Mann

The Capitalist Metamorphosis In zoological terms, a metamorphosis is the transformation a bug or amphibian under goes during... 

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walls thumb WALLS

by Hannah Akahoshi, Ariela Hekmat, Cleo Hoffman, and Brynn Lowry  Read More →


thedefinitionoflove thumb The Definition of Love

Illustrated by Carmen Kelly, Narrated by Maya Hernandez  Read More →


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Frankenstein thumb A Monster in the Closet

By Ashley Kasha The Romantic Period brought into question what it means to define sexuality and gender. This period began... 

Middlesex_novel Middlesex Reviewed

By Dante Moreno Middlesex, written by Jeffrey Eugenides, is a coming of age story that chronicles the life of a hermaphroditic... 

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